Tom Barak Marketing and Communications


TBMC is a marketing consultancy firm, providing strategic and tactical services for small to medium-sized client companies. Our services cover the entire product/service cycle from research and planning, to production, launch and sales, to tracking, reporting and follow-up.

With experience in B2B and B2C environments, marketing both goods and services, our cutting edge diagnostic and marketing techniques are all designed with one goal in mind – to drive your revenue skyward. In today’s intensely competitive marketplace companies need every advantage, and TBMC provides the experience and passion to get the job done. Let’s astonish your customers!

Strategic Deployment

TBMC’s services are made to fit, whether a job requires spot-work or overall marketing and communications management. For example if you simply need content creation for regular Blog, newsletter or social media posting, we’ve got you covered. Maybe the marketing plan calls for advertising purchasing, video or audio production, special events, or any other single component or combination of functional tasks in the campaign stream – we’ll take care of it. If complete marketing or communications management services are the order of the day – from marketing plan, production and publishing, airing and distribution, to reporting, evaluation and follow-up – TBMC deploys as required to meet your specific needs.

Adapting to Changing Market Conditions

Even great brands need a refresh from time-to-time. Customer preferences evolve. Economic factors fluctuate. Technology is advancing at dizzying speed.Firms must be responsive; adaptive to market fluidity, to passing trends and new, emerging opportunities. Evolve or die is the credo of today’s successful brands.

For nearly twenty years we’ve been helping our client firms meet – and often exceed – their marketing and revenue goals. Difficult deadlines, tight budgets and fierce competitors, we’ve slain them all. But it’s not just our established client-firms that have benefited from TBMC’s efforts as we’ve assisted many entrepreneurs launch successful ventures.


History - The Convergence of Creativity and Analytics

Tom sold his first television program – a half hour documentary entitled We Met Again – while in his third year of undergraduate studies at Ryerson University in Toronto. While the documentary was initially produced as a student project, the CBC network was enthusiastic about it, and aired it four times nationally. This, and other early successes helped to establish Tom’s name within the Toronto production scene.

Hired by the CBC upon graduation, in his spare time, Tom launched the independent production company TBIM Sunrise with fellow entrepreneur and local D.O.P. Andrew Langevin. The company’s workload soon burgeoned so Tom left the national broadcaster to pursue independent production and freelance work full time.

TBIM Sunrise delivered several in-house documentaries, corporate videos and TV commercials, and the pair also worked on big budget, third-party commercials and feature films. Coke, Pepsi, Black Label, Whiskas, KFC, Sumsung, Pioneer Petroleum, The Heritage Foundation, Leon’s Furniture, AT&T and the Northern Lights Aerobatic Team were some of the brands TBIM Sunrise serviced.

After several years of grueling production work Tom was feeling the strains of his constant and high-pressure schedule so he decided to return to Winnipeg to pursue a Master’s degree in business. While studying part-time Tom worked for the provincial government as a program adjudicator, and in 2005 attained his M.B.A. designation from the University of Manitoba.

Tom left government soon afterwards to pursue freelance copy writing and marketing consulting full-time. Over this period he has serviced many local brands as a result of his affiliation with local branding company Velocity Design Works, and later his most recent marketing consulting affiliate The Brand Bureau. Western Health Services, Wholesum Nutrition, Quantus Software, Frantic Films, All Nations Print, Great Morning Eggs and Prairie Orchard Farms are some of the regional brands Tom has worked with.

With solid academics and a creative/production background, Tom’s skills and expertise have converged within a marketing and communications framework. Building on his film, video and audio production experience, Tom has added copy writing, web and collateral publishing to his already extensive repertoire.

Results Oriented Marketing

Since results-oriented marketing is about balancing creative and analytical disciplines, and manifesting them through production and mass media, Tom’s background and experience qualify him as a seasoned and knowledgeable marketer, capable of working across a wide spectrum of media as modern marketing practices demand.

“When working with TBMC you’re getting a decade of media production and project management experience applied using modern marketing management practices and techniques”, Tom Barak, TBMC’s lead strategist asserts. “Effective marketing is all about balancing the left and right sides of the brain, and putting customers at the centre of the universe. I’ve spent close to 20 years perfecting this discipline.” And while it has been a long – and at times challenging – journey for TBMC, the many experiences and opportunities have instilled in the company a unique skill set which will serve it – and its clients – well into the future.