TBMC Marketing Services

Marketing – A critical component to any successful business

When our cars or electronic devices break down, or when we need home renovations or other import work done, we call the pros. Yet when it comes to marketing, too many owners and managers forget the golden rule; you get what you pay for. Assigning marketing duties to an already over-burdened and reluctant receptionist, hiring an inexperienced intern to promote the brand, or worse, neglecting marketing altogether are a recipe for disaster. Too often owners and managers become blasé about marketing. Sadly we’ve seen it too often. Yet when revenues fall, competitors steal market share or when their non-profit’s donations are down because of cutting corners in their marketing program, these same managers are left scratching their heads and wondering – why is business sagging?

Especially in these tough economic times, firms must give their marketing programs priority. If they’re not serious about their marketing, it’s a safe bet to assume their competitors are. Why yield an advantage to them? If you don’t already have a serious marketing program, or if your current regime needs a little discipline, expertise and focus, the pros at TBMC can be counted on to set things right. Our track-record speaks for itself. By employing proven marketing techniques our services have helped our clients to achieve – and often surpass – their marketing goals.

Start-ups and Expansions

We offer a number of valuable tools for start-ups and expansion projects including cost and feasibility studies and business plans. C&F studies test the viability of your venture, in part by providing a concise and authoritative valuation of its true cost, and comparing it to your start-up capital and resources. Moreover, if a venture is deficient, we’ll recommend adjustments to bring the business model to a state of profitability. Viable projects are then taken to the business plan stage for the purposes of raising capital, whether through a bank, investors, or in the case of brand or division managers, pitching upper management for a greater share of the annual budget. Our business plans project income and expenses out to 10-years or more, detailing monthly, function-by-function revenue and expenses. If your product or service is valued by customers, we’ll make a cogent and compelling case as to why investors, banks, or why accounting should finance your project.

TBMC does all the research and leg-work – from registering your business, checking trademarks and patents, examining the potential market for your good or service, evaluating competitors, checking regulatory implications and so on. We gather all the data then provide detailed analysis drawn from our formal training and twenty years of practical experience. We help our clients to avoid costly mistakes, getting their venture off on the right foot to ensure continued and sustainable success.

Established Brands

TBMC can deploy in your workflow either in a starring role or we can play a bit-part. If you need a manager to look after the entire marketing portfolio along with its sub-sects, TBMC is there. Otherwise if you require a single component or a combination say of media purchasing, print or video production, web publishing, social media, media or government relations or copy writing, we’ll look after smaller projects so you can concentrate on the strategic issues. Made to fit is TBMC’s hallmark.

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